The spa of the future – exclusively for the Czech market from a Czech manufacturer


Thursday, 3. November, 2011

During Designblok in Prague from 4–9 October 2011, SOLITAIRE – the Spa of the Future from USSPA, the first Czech manufacturer of top-quality spas was introduced to the public. The USSPA studios released a design, development, and complete production of a unique spa that is more than a generation ahead of its time and brings an extraordinary range of innovations and patents to the field of whirlpools.

The Czech premiere and official release of the Solitaire to the Czech market took place on October 4 in the heart of Prague, directly in the Designblok Superstudio. The special evening was attended by more than 100 VIP guests. This unusual exhibition, prepared by Atelier Kunc for USSPA, was packed with interesting guests including company owners and directors, architects, and other significant figures. The gala evening also marked the transfer of the leadership of the family business – Ing. Petr Kolář, the company founder, happened to be celebrating his 60th birthday on that date, and he used the occasion to pass the family business to his daughter, Ing. Kateřina Kadlecová. Up to that point, Ms. Kadlecová had filled the post of the company's marketing director.

Solitaire attracted the attention of all the visitors who had been invited to the secretly futuristic exhibition throughout Designblok's activities. Its technology and exceptionally advanced appearance inspired enthusiasm, admiration, and awe. Its appearance was enhanced by the original design casing created by the team of young architects from the MOLO Architekti. The Solitaire even gained the admiration of the jury, who nominated it for the Editor's Award for Best New Product.

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