Service and care


Service and care

Solitaire means more than just a superior quality product – it also means the best individual service possible.
The price of a Solitaire includes the following range of USSPA services:

  • delivery and installation of Solitaire on site
  • start-up, training, and instruction manual
  • extended 25+5 warranty and service guarantee
  • services of a personal technician
  • priority service within 24 hours
  • regular mandatory annual inspection for 5 years


The Plato casing from MOLO Architects is exceptional for its use of materials, but mostly for its balanced weight design and overall concept of combining functionality with aesthetics. Plato can be seen as a piece of art that works with the specific layout to blend in with a home's modern architecture, or it can even become its dominant feature.
Most of all, Plato is a clear example of the Solitaire concept itself. It simply shows the way, then it's up to you and your architects or designers to decide what shape your own Solitaire will have – you create your original. Solitaire was conceived so as to perfectly harmonize with the style of its owner.


At USSPA, we've always put the personal approach first. Despite our growth and development, USSPA has still remained a family business. With Solitaire, the personal negotiations go even further – one of our family members will present the Solitaire to you personally.


Solitaire is not a product of standard serial production.
There will be 9 units only produced in 2012.
Delivery dates are agreed upon individual agreement with each client.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. label-contacts.png

Solitaire is TÜV and CE certified, and is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.