For architects


Solitaire was created with more than just a regard for the needs of its user – it was also designed with respect for contemporary architecture and the expectations of architects. Thanks to Solitaire, your client will gain an exceptional spa, and you won't even have to compromise architecture or design.

Let Solitaire resonate with its new owner, but also with the entire house. Arrange the Solitaire so that it fits into your architectural concepts. Match the colour of the acrylic and Corian®, and propose a casing that will perfectly complement or add to your project, whether you integrate the Solitaire as an isolated element or as an integral part of the house's architecture. Create an original.

Technical documentation and parameters have been prepared for you to take into consideration when constructing the original casing. We are here for technical consultations or for any questions or suggestion. Don't hesitate to contact us. label-contacts.png


ready for individual casing designs


Plato from the MOLO Architekti

kota1-en.png kota3-en.png
kota2.png kota4.png

In this version, the Solitaire may be cased uniquely based on the client's requests, or built into the ground. The original casing, based on the client's architect's project, may be done by USSPA (based on individual calculations) or by the client's contractor. In either case, the technical requirements for the material must be respected (weight, water absorption, etc.), and the final design must be approved by USSPA.

Solitaire with the Plato casing may be delivered either in the version and with the material as depicted, or it can be modified as per the client's wishes; this is always a matter of individual agreement and calculations. There are a wide range of original versions, from differing motifs of concrete translucence, to differing materials, to dimensional variations. These modifications are also subject to the pre-established technical parameters.