Discover the future; discover Solitaire


Wednesday, 5. October, 2011

Solitaire, the spa of the future which earned prestigious international awards at its world premiere, is finally and officially entering the Czech market.

Solitaire is the flagship of USSPA, the only Czech manufacturer of spas that has stood at the head of European producers for several years. And as the Solitaire now confirms, USSPA may rightly enjoy its exceptional and respected position in all aspects of its field. Solitaire has overtaken the world – in comparison with other spas, it's several generations ahead, bringing an entire array of fundamental technical and technological innovations as well as a revolution in design and the options to custom design each unit.

Solitaire is an individuality. An individuality that can resonate with the uniqueness of each owner to an unprecedented degree. Solitaire is an original.

The long-awaited premiere of Solitaire is approaching... and you can be there.

Please accept our warm invitation to the Solitaire exhibition.

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